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طراحی ویلا
Charles Carpenter
Hi there, I’ve always been a huge music fanatic. In fact, if you ask some of my friends, they might say I’m a bit of a music snob ;) But it wasn’t until my son was diagnosed with ADHD and we put him in music therapy, that I decided to pursue learning an instrument myself. I thought learning guitar would be a fun thing for us to do together. While he gets help from weekly lessons, I’ve been learning using apps and have noticed some are certainly better/more helpful than others. I’d love to share what I’ve found with other adult learners and parents. Would you be interested in an article from me on the best apps for learning a musical instrument? If so, hit reply and I’ll get started on it. All the best, Charlie info
Great information.
Julie Morris
Hi, Last year, at 53, I started learning how to play guitar. It’s something that I’ve always wanted to do, but despite constantly telling my clients not to get in their own way, I’d been getting in mine for years. Telling myself that I was too old to learn an instrument and that I’d be terrible at it anyway. Well, I’m still pretty terrible, but with each new chord learned, I feel a sense of achievement. Can I write an article for your readers? Whether they want to learn a new language or a new instrument, I’ll offer guidance on how they can get out of their own way, tackle new skills, and achieve their goals. There are many amazing benefits to learning a new skill as an adult, including slowing cognitive aging and improving mental hea
Teo Tran
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hitesh soni
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